01 – Foreword, Testimonials and Sample Student Demo Videos

Please note this course is very similar to my previous animation course which over 2000 students have taken last year.

The main difference is than in this course I teach how to animate an awesome demo video in Keynote rather than in After Effects.
Keynote is a much more affordable and easier to use software than After Effects and in this course I’ll show you how can you create a very compelling demo video using Keynote’s basic animation features.

So if you were concerned about the technical aspect of creating your own demo video I truly think that by the end of this course you’ll be surprised how easy is to accomplish a lot with such a simple tool.

Here are some testimonials from happy students from my previous After Effects animation course with links to the videos they created after taking my course (You’ll notice that a few of them were actually created in Keynote!):

“The Grumo course gave me the behind the scenes to the production of the video from start to finish. Which demystified all the misconceptions I had, of a huge budget- incredibly talented marketing geniuses needed to create a video such the once I’ve seen. So I got all the CONFIDENCE I needed to tackle the task, and on top of that all the TOOLS and METHODS necessary to do so with a winning formula”
Fabian Pallares – Collective Change (watch video)

“I really enjoyed the course and am very proud of the result! So Miguel you rock! Thanks”
Jonathan Surinx – Olumpo (watch video)

“The course was even more awesome than expected. While I thought the main thing I would get out of it was the technical stuff (and I did) what I REALLY got out of it was how to write a great script and storyboard, and how to add the LOVE. And the best part was that the course was so entertaining! I’m not sure whether you’re a better producer, teacher or comedian. Either way, keep up the great work!”
Justin McLeod – Hinge (watch video)

“I’d recommend your course to anyone! it’s good even for back-end developers zero experience design nor animation.”
Pablo Albrecht – Belongings (watch video)

“I wouldn’t even have TRIED this without your awesome course. You really inspired me and also made me feel like it was “possible”.
Todd Rimes – Handpik (watch video)

“The most useful help I received from the Grumo course was:
– How to design a good script (statement of problem, solution, explanation… in the right proportions) with the 7 SUCCESS rules in mind. Really good stuff, and simple to apply. I was most impressed by the need to generate warm, fuzzy feelings and make people laugh. This is key.
– The After Effects tutorial was invaluable, I had no clue how to do this kind of animation before, that section of the course had many small tips to get started right away, rather than going through thick books about the software. The high-def videos for the rigging and animation were a good idea because viewed fullscreen, it looks almost like a live screen of the application.”
Gabriel Ross – GR Sites (watch video)

“Miguel’s course gave me very concrete technical advice on how to write the script, how to record the voiceover, how to look for talent and how to edit. Lastly, it gave me the confidence to think that I could write a script and create this project.”
Seth Price – TurlyTag (watch video)

You can see the entire list of sample student demo videos and full interviews with them at http://grumomedia.com/category/grumo-course/student-demo-videos/

Peace, love, and cookies

Miguel Hernandez
Founder of Grumo Media