Welcome to Grumo School!

Grumo School is finally here! Grumo School was created by me, the one and only super Miguel Hernandez ruler of the world in my office from where I also run Grumo Media a demo video production company.

The reason why I started Grumo School was to create a home for all the online courses I’ve been publishing over the years and hopefully for many more too come.

My first course was “How to create awesome demo videos” which I published in 2011 first on my website and then on Udemy.

The success of that course prompted me to produce more courses, all of which you can take now on this website.

Today more than 10,000 students coming from all continents have taken one or more of my courses on animation, course creation, WordPress, and even online dating.

I love to teach online and know I can provide value to people across the globe.
Also I love to learn new skills and share my findings with my students.

So stay tuned for more Grumo courses because like they say.. this party just got started! 🙂